Anmäl dig till time management kurs! (obs begränsade platser)

Anmäl dig till time management kurs! (obs begränsade platser)


Nästa lördag (17 november) annordnar vi en endagskurs i ”Time management” mellan 10-18.
Vi har tagit hit konsulter från England som precis som oss arbetar efter ett SMFR-liknande koncept med en fusion av klassisk islam och modern management forskning!

Målet med kursen är att förse dig med verktygen och färdigheterna för att göra dig mer effektiv samt utöka din förmåga att bli mer produktiv och åstadkomma mer i ditt liv! Kursen hålls på engelska!

About this Course:
This one-day training program will give you powerful techniques for harnessing time & living a more balanced life. Using Murabbi’s characteristic fusion of classical faith-centric wisdoms and contemporary management research, the program will give you the skills and tools to make your days more effective and will enhance your ability to perform and achieve more in your life.

Time Management is about designing the right architecture in your schedule, allowing you to take out ‘time-stealers’ and wastage, and enhancing your time perception capabilities. It makes you realise that great people also had only 24 hours in their day, and allows you to take more control of your time and hence your life.

Peak performance is about finding your optimal performance mode and holding on to it. Many people talk about ’being in the zone’ or ’being in their element’, but few understand why this happens and how to find this when you need it most. This element of the course trains you to understand the key factors that produce peak performance so that you can find it when you need to. These factors range from biological clocks, environmental dynamics, goals-focus, physio-spiritual balance, diet, positive self-talk and other motivational drivers.

Key themes covered:

Personal time management analysis
The Wheel of Life prioritisation tool
Living a Balanced, productive and efficient Life
How great leaders achieved more with their day – sharing best practices!
Peak Performance – Being in your Element
Who should attend:
Anyone who is keen on self development.


Junaid Ahmed
Junaid is a partner at Murabbi Consulting. After his BSc, he completed his Executive MBA
with distinction for his work on performance management. Professionally he has nearly 10 years management experience within the third sector & has experience in delivering capacity building, training & management programmes to community organisations

Nabeel Al Azami
Nabeel Al Azami is a senior HR professional and Leadership Development expert, who won the Chairman’s leadership award for two years in a row, while working at one of the largest automobile companies in the world. He is also the co-founder of Murabbi Consulting – a training company specializing in fusing Islamic and Management services to empower leaders for tomorrow.

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Benefits of the Program:

· World Class Interactive Training
· Special Training Handbook
· Signed Certification
· Refreshments

Kista Folkhögskola
Young Muslim Initiative
Barakah Ungdomsförening
Svenska Muslimer for Fred och Rattvisa (SMFR)
Islamic Forum of Europe, Sweden Branch

(Introductory offer inclusive of training, refreshments, handbook and certification)
Pre-payment: SEK 200 (by 12 November 2012 at the latest)
On-site: SEK 300 (subject to availability)

Please note that the regular price for the course is £75, but due to the reason that the course is given for the first time in Sweden, the price is reduced.

Book your seat:
Please send the payment to:
Bankgiro: 248-2784 (Islamiskt Forum Europa)
and confirm your payment by email to any of following contacts:, or, or, or

How to reach Kista Träff:
Its in the same building right next to Kista Biblioteket, behind Kista Galleria. Kista Träff is located right opposite to (in front of) Kista Kyrkan. The room Grönlandsalen is on the 1st floor.