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Apply for Wise@Sweden SMFR Wintercamp 23-31 Dec

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We are pleased to announce that SMFR is arranging a winter camp 23rd dec – 31 dec together with UTM (University technology Malaysia) CASIS department (Centre for Advanced Studies on Islam, Science and Civilisation).

The camp will be an intensive course in islamic theology and western philosophy.

The WISE@Sweden programme is one of the very few initiatives that seek to relook and re-evaluate the very roots that are causing of the major crisis and dilemma facing us today, and to present a concrete and lasting solution that goes deep into the core of the metaphysical framework in the minds of people, whether or not they realise it.

This programme draws inspiration on the thoughts and works of Syed Al Attas and his students. The solid analysis and profound response they offer in defining and elaborating the epistemological and metaphysical framework projecting the worldview of Islam is very much needed by those who are aware of the profound challenges facing Muslims and humanity at large.

Swedish Muslim for Peace and Justice’s (SMFR) ambition
is to create a greater understanding of different worldviews, clashes, commonalities and perspectives. A greater understanding will inshallah create greater opportunities for living in Europe as a muslim with a greater understanding of a historical philosophical understanding of Islam and the West.

You can read more about the winter camp and how to register at

The course will be held in english.