STOCKHOLM - Salam alaykum! Its time again for SMFRs winter camp. This is the second winter camp we are arranging between 24th of december- 31 of december!

If you apply before of 20th september the course cost will be 350 Euros. After 20th of september the course cost will be increased to 450 euros.

The course cost includes lecturers travel costs, (their lodging costs), course material, accommodation, venue and food as well as som other things. Depending on the amount of participants the amount of tutors will also increase.

Click on the link below for more information.

The winter camp and its education is a unique thing to be offered in Sweden and something that is very needed for the formation and understanding of Islam in a deeper and profound way that is built on reason, logic and deeper knowledge of the revealed sciences with sources from the Quran and Sunnah.

Last year we hade participants coming from all over the world and and we are allhamdulillah proud to be able to have a second winter camp and be given the chance of obtaining the saddaqa jaariah for arranging it once more where we can pass on even more knowledge to more people.

We have intentionally kept the prices as low as possible to be able to accommodate as many as possible.

The camp is built on different modules with lectures and key elements will be presented by our lectures - and followed by special tutoring and recaps in smaller groups with phd students to enable as much learning as possible. It is also recommended that you read all the course material you receive if you get accepted prior to the camp.

We will live together in the school were accommodation will be simple.